Black bass are still slow. Lots of small fish shallow. As the water cools the shad will start to move to the main lake points and humps. Crank baits, Alabama rigs, top water baits. jigs and 1 1/2 ounce Ledge buster spinnerbaits will all work . The drop shot and tomatoe worm has been really putting on a good show on main lake points.  Brush piles in 4 to 20 foot for the big fish. A texas rigged 10 inch Berkley blue fleck power worm or one of the new berkley crank baits will do the trick. I also like throwing a 5 inch Gene Larew salt craw.  When the water temps get into the 50's try a rouge jerk bait fished shallow. (4 to 8 ft).

Crappie are on the main lake points and brush piles.  I just put out 12 new brush piles and they are on them. This week the current depth to be at was 14 to 18 foot. Again, as the water temps fall move to the points and break lines in 20 to 26 ft.  Im using 1/16 ounce jigs with Bobby Garland soft bodys {Gene Larew}. One jig in brush and two jigs about 6 inches apart on open water. Berkley yellow line on Berkley Ikey dude rods and abu garcia cardinal reels.  I supply all equipment needed or you can bring your own. I will clean and bag your catch so you only need to bring a cooler.

 .Sand Bass are showing up on the main lake humps.  These fish are easy to catch and a lot of fun.  If you have a fish fry coming up or a child you would like to take out and have a good time, this is the way to do it.

If you are planning a Corporate trip, now is the time to book.  It takes some time to get other guides and motel accommodations arranged.   We can handle groups up to 50 and more with proper notice.  We do have reference's available upon request.   What a better way to thank your customers or your employees for their business and help.  


Please feel free to call me for any additional info you may need at 1-903-570-6715.  These tips will also work on the Lakes in your areas.  Thanks for your interest in Lake Fork Guide Service