The water level as of this date (6/2/18) is 402.18 or 0.82 low.  The bass bite has been good.  Deep fish (down to 27 fT) are hitting football jigs, crank baites and swim baits. Main lake humps windy pionts and ledges are all holding fish. I also like throwing a big 1 1/2 ounce ledge buster spinner bait deep. These active fish will smoke this big spinner bait slow rolled. In the heat of the day, I am catching big fish on brush piles.  Berkley 10 inch power worms Texas rigged are woking great.  Early is a good time to fish the flats next to drrp water.  Lots of small and slot fish will hite an under spin with a Zoom swim fluke on the back.  I like Zooms Disco Violet.

 Crappie are on the brush piles but will be moving to deeper piles and bridges for the cover of shade. Bobby Garland plastics on a 1/16 ounce jig works great.  Color does not seem to matter.

 Sand Bass are starting to show up also.  These fish are schooled up on the road beds and main lake points on main lake humps. They are a blast to catch and an easy way to get a fish fry started.


If you are planning a Corporate trip, now is the time to book.  It takes some time to get other guides and motel accommodations arranged.   We can handle groups up to 50 and more with proper notice.  We do have reference's available upon request.   What a better way to thank your customers or your employees for their business and help.  

Please feel free to call me for any additional info you may need at 1-903-570-6715.  These tips will also work on the Lakes in your areas.  Thanks for your interest in Lake Fork Guide Service